RMS is a new and unique signage system with key features unavailable elsewhere:
•Interchangeable pricing/interest rate carriers
•Ultimate design flexibility
•Improved promotional impact
•Innovative hardware system
•Operationally friendly
•Retrofits to existing hardware
•Greatly reduced shipping costs
•Reduced environmental waste
•Savings on every print promotion


Jack in the Box®
The RMS system has been in use at over 2,000 Jack in the Box® resturants nationwide since 2006. Before the system wide rollout, aggrersise testing was preformed for over two years by CPS and Jack in the Box® to make sure the RMS system exceed the outdoor requiements for Jack in the Box® drive-thru menu boards.

With the RMS system in place, Jack in the Box® employees cut the typcical graphic change-out time from a two person 45 minute install to a one person 15 minute install. The previous menu board system which contained over 200 components was reduced to 15 using the RMS system. The RMS system is intergrated within all indoor, outdoor and preveiw menu boards.

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. – Motorcycle Division

Becuase of the vesitillaity of the RMS system, we’re able to match the needs of our clients. We created a permanent Tri-panel display for Honda, that increased their product visibility in store and reduced freight costs, environmental waste and promotional change-out install times. More than 1,000 Tri-panel displays using the RMS system are currently in use at motorcycle showrooms nationwide.

The RMS system elimated the need for large ridged promotional graphics to be shipped and replaced them with a easy to install graphics that snap in place everytime.